Retrieving Files from Dead Hard Disks for Aberdeen Businesses and Individuals

FREE Collection of Faulty Drives in Aberdeenshire

Join the many Aberdeen businesses and home users who trust Tierra to retrieve their files from computer hard disks with physical problems. Unlike general computer repair and maintenance companies we have the specialist experience, equipment and and facilities to recover your crucial files from drives of any make and model. Aberdeen-based computer users can take advantage of FREE collection, saving time and money.

Professional data recovery analysis. Experts in recovering drives declared unrecoverable.

Charges for donor parts or decontamination for drives previously opened applicable otherwise no data no recovery fee.

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What will Physical Recovery Cost me?

We operate a fixed price policy. So the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. The cost for recovering from a single hard drive depends on the capacity of the drive.

Drives up to and inc 500GB – £299.00 ex VAT.
Drives up to and inc 1TB – £399 ex VAT.

In a minority of cases the hard disk may require parts in order to access your data. If this is the case you will be advised of any additional cost in advance. We do not proceed without your approval.

Once the analysis is complete you will be emailed with the results. Only when you are 100% happy your critical files have been recovered do you make full payment. All work is performed in our lab. We do not outsource.

To arrange your Collection and Analysis go to ‘Contact Us’ for a free quote or call us on 0845 094 0027 or you can complete the simple enquiry form on this page.

Tierra in Aberdeen

Working to an Emergency Timescale

In urgent situations ask for our Emergency Service.  Given our proximity to Aberdeen in critical situations we can collect your drive with hours.  The hard disk will undergo analysis through the day and night if necessary to complete both the analysis and the rescue.  We provide an extremely fast turnaround in emergency situations.

Our engineers recover from RAIDs and Exchange databases. Our repertoire includes head-swaps, platter-swaps, firmware repair, cloning, forensic investigation, file carving and much more.  We’ve rescued critical files from externals, laptops, Macs, Windows PCs, Unix Servers, Novell Netware file systems, NAS devices, tapes, zip devices, NT boxes.  If you want more detail you can visit our parent site for more background on extreme file rescue.

Reviews from Previous Aberdeen Customers:

“We are so grateful for all your advice in making the decision to go ahead with the data recovery and want to thank the engineers for their meticulous work. We had not lost important government data but you treated our loss of 5 years of photographic memory, including the birth of our daughter, with the same level of professionalism. Ours thanks will include our recommendation to all who ask, but hopefully we will never need your services again!”
Gill Bruce, Aberdeenshire

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